Slovak company successful in the first round of EIC Accelerator!

Slovak company successful in the first round of EIC Accelerator!

We are excited about this great success! The project PURITY THROUGH MINERALIZATION received a GO assessment in the first round of EIC Accelerator and goes to round 2!

The objective of EIC Accelerator is to identify and support the most break-through innovations from Europe with the potential of international success to become a global market leader.

The project PURITY THROUGH MINERALIZATION involves a team of more than 20 experts, including those from Technical University Košice and Commenius University in Bratislava, together with grant consultations provider BALTEUS spol s r.o.

The project addresses the degradation of viruses and pathogens at the molecular level up to mineralization phase, thus creating new “clean” air molecules. This solution creates entirely new technological processes based on effective synergy of multiple processes in an innovative reactor, that can be used in many other areas. The key aspects of the effect of the solution is the effective synergy of cold plasma and photocatalysis in a real environment – e.g. without producing ozone and other adverse gases or substances.

A few weeks ago we registered the short project proposal, based on a 3-minute video, PITCH project presentation and responding to questions summarizing the innovation proposal, potential markets and the work team. These short project proposals, which may be also considered the first round of grant application, were evaluated by independent European Commission experts over a period of 4 weeks. 

The successful projects, including the  PURITY THROUGH MINERALIZATION project, are subsequently invited to complete the feasibility study and business plan over the course of the following months, to confirm the interest and chance of success in global markets. If the project is successful in the second round or if the full project proposal is successful, the last step in the process of getting the prestigious grant will be the presentation of the project to a panel of investors and business experts from all over Europe.

At present, our technology and products are presented in the Slovak pavilion at the EXPO Dubai 2021. The entire team is already working hard so that EXPO Dubai 2021 is not the pinnacle of the project, but for the project to continue and be successful, for example also in the second round of AIC Accelerator, awaiting in the upcoming months.

Hold your fingers crossed for us!